Handbook of Dynamical Systems, Vol. 1A

Editors Boris Hasselblatt and Anatole Katok

Elsevier 2002. ISBN 0-444-82669-6

The editors and authors dedicate this volume to Jurgen Kurt Moser (1928-1999) and Michael Robert Herman (1942-2000), who passed away while this book was being written. Both of them made seminal contributions to various areas of the theory of dynamical systems as well as to other mathematical disciplines. Their crucial influence was further enhanced through numerous major contributions of their students and collaborators. The deaths of Moser and Herman are tremendous losses for the mathematical community.



Principal structures (B. Hasselblatt, A. Katok); pp. 1-203.

Entropy, Isomorphism and Equivalence (J.-P. Thouvenot); pp. 205-238.

Hyperbolic dynamics (B. Hasselblatt); pp. 239-319.

Invariant measures for hyperbolic dynamical systems (N. Chernov); pp. 320-407.

Periodic orbits and zeta functions (M. Pollicott); pp. 409-452.

Hyperbolic dynamics and Riemannian geometry (G. Knieper); pp. 453-545.

Topological Methods in Dynamics (J. Franks, M. Misiurewicz); pp. 547-598.

One-Dimensional Maps (M. Jakobson, G. Swiatek); pp. 599-664.

Ergodic theory and dynamics of G-spaces (R. Feres, A. Katok); pp. 665-763.

Symbolic and algebraic dynamical systems (D. Lind, K. Schmidt); pp. 765-812.

Homogeneous flows, applications to number theory, and related topics (D. Kleinbock, N. Shah, A. Starkov); pp. 813-930.

Random transformations in ergodic theory (A. Furman); pp.931-1014.

Rational billiards and flat structures (H. Masur, S. Tabachnikov); pp. 1015-1089.

Variational methods for Hamiltonian systems (P.H. Rabinowitz); pp. 1091-1127.

Pseudoholomorphic curves and dynamics in three dimensions (H. Hofer, K. Wysocki, E. Zehnder); pp. 1129-1188.

This volume is the first part of the two-volume set which will cover most core areas of the modern theory of dynamical systems The subsequent Volume 1B will appear in November 2005.

Additional volumes of the Handbook in Dynamical Systems series cover Applications (Volume 2, published in 2002) and Geometric Methods of Differentiable Dynamics (Volume 3, to be published).